U.S. F1 Team to American-Born Drivers: We Want You!

I think it’s awesome that an F1 car constructor will be taking on the regular F1 teams in Europe on their home turf. I see it kind of as USF1 being the under dog, but I am really rooting for USF1. NASCAR isn’t my cup of tea (except the last 20 laps) and IRL is straight up weak to watch. Even before the whole “FIA says new entrants must use a  Cosworth engine” fiasco, USF1 were already in talks with Cosworth to supply engines due to Cosworth’s satellite offices here in the USA (Torrance, Indy, Charlotte) and being owned by Americans (Kevin Kalkhoeven and Gerald Forsythe).

USF1 has taken over the old Joe Gibb’s Racing NASCAR building in North Carolina and is the process of setting up the building. That’s crazy that your neighbors are all building roundy round cars and your team is building world class F1 cars. I thought roundy round cars were all built in barns. Or that’s what I thought after watching Days of Thunder.

Peter Windsor of the USF1 team says, “”This team is about helping young Americans (drivers) as much as it is about anything else. But it is tempting when you see all this money dangled in front of you to take it and decide the first year we’ll run two guys who aren’t Americans…We need to make the effort to get Americans in our car. That was always our goal and it still our goal.”

So all of you young drivers who know you’re fast:  why not send an inquiry in to USF1? I’m talking to those of you who KNOW, and not those who THINK they’re fast.

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