Update: The Team America BNR32 Is On Its Wheels Again!

A frontal view of the steering box mount and its simplicity.

The rear view of the properly supported steering column and dash mount.

Everything looks nice and clean with the dash cover on or off! Now everything from the driver’s seat forward is clean, easier to work on and maintain, stronger and tidy.

The Tilton 900 series pedal box had its mounting and plumbing cleaned up and simplified as well.

The rear bay was cleaned up with the previous intercooler ducting removed and the holes blocked.

The aluminum rear wing mounts were deemed acceptable and remain untouched.

Next will be the car getting rewired and have the electronics redone and debugged, then it’s on to tuning and a quick shakedown run to make sure the powertrain is working correctly. Once the proof of concept is correct, then work will begin on aero and chassis development.

Of course, we will be there to follow the progress!


Afterhours Automotive 


  1. Awesome, it lives! Always looking forwards to seeing where this puppy goes and glad to see it hasn’t been forgotten.

  2. Mmm… yes, more updates on my favorite car of all time, I was wondering when I was gonna see this beauty again!

  3. Finally!

    Like most, I have been waiting to see this thing tear up time attacks. Great work, and the simplifications are tremendous improvements

  4. Interested to know which drive by wire setup you used with the Tilton pedal box, also which throttle body you use too. Looks awesome, keep at it!

      1. Awesome update, is there one by chance for the 86? I’m curious what had been tried for the bearing issue. Have you used awrx scavenge pump for the heads or is the oil accumulating elsewhere?

  5. Damn finally we get to see this beauty again!
    Any plans for the coming season? It needs to see some time attacks again! It’s been too long.!

  6. It lives!

    Wonderful to see an update on the car’s development. Hope to see it down here in Australia for WTAC sometime in the future.

  7. Mike,
    Any reason you guys decided to route the downpipes/ wastegate pipes under the tunnel instead of routing them out to the passenger’s door?

      1. I see.
        I figured that by boxing the exhaust out of the passenger’ door you can seal up the belly of the car with flat panels…..

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