VIDEO: Dai Yoshihara at FD Vegas

VIDEO: Dai Yoshihara at FD Vegas

GT Channel Video of Dai Yoshihara at Formula D Las Vegas

MotoIQ Staff Report

Our friends at the GT Channel shot this cool video of Dai Yoshihara at Las Vegas. The team came in second here with some heat related issues stymieing the charge to the top of the podium.  Currently Dai is firmly in second place in the Formula D championship standings with an outside chance of winning it all at the season finale at Irwindale.

This video is cool because it has some neat point of view video shot on and in the car as well as a more personal viewpoint focusing on Dai and his team including our own Mike Kojima who has a cameo role.  Mike explains a little bit on what he does when he is not here running MotoIQ.

The video gives a little insight on what it takes to run a competitive car in today’s world of Pro Drifting where 500+ hp cars slide in battle within inches of each other at speeds of over 100 mph.  The cars are pretty sophisticated and there is a lot going on in the set up and construction of them. 

Come see Dai and the team at work at the Formula Drift title fight on October 8-9 at Irwindale.  Even if you are not fans of drifting, if you love cars there is no way you will not find modern pro drifting amazing and really a fun show.

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