Walker Wilkerson’s 2012 Formula D ride


The LS7 is a limited production engine that is found in the Z06 Corvette.  Like a racing engine it is hand assembled off line by a single technician.  It has a semi dry sump oiling system but unfortunately this has proven to be problematic in the Z06.  Walker converted his engine back to a wet sump and uses this baffled high capacity Moroso oil pan and windage tray to help keep the engine lubricated.  You can also see the back sides of the long tube Fueled Racing headers and the SPL adjustable tension arms.  The SPL arms are one of the quickest arms to adjust which makes them perfect for the rough and tumble world of drifting.
Here is the 2-1 4″ all stainless exhaust system fabricated by Garage Autohero.  It has flex tubes near the header collectors to prevent stress and cracking.
A super fast dog shifting 4 speed G-Force GSR transmission is used.  The GSR has a top mounted internal linkage which fits better in the tight confines of an S13.  It costs more but is an easier install and the supported rail design shifts better as well.  The G-Force is quite bulletproof.  A Quicktime bellhousing couples the transmission to the LS7 and an Exedy dual disc clutch and billet flywheel gets the power to the ground.
The rear of the car is cut away to the limit of the Formula D rules and the unibody is replaced with a tubular structure fabricated by Ray Stonehocker of Garage Autohero that houses a fuel cell and the battery.  The fuel system uses an Aeromotive pump, regulator and filter and all plumbing is done by Earl's who supplied the AN fittings and braided line.  Building the car like this saves weight and makes the car much more repairable in the event of a crash.  The tubular structure attaches to the framerails and the cage.
This is Formula D's Competition Manager Doug Artus.  It is really hard to recognize him without his trademark Oakley glasses.  Walker's car uses a R32 GT-R R200 differential with a Kaaz LSD and 4.10 gears.  He uses Skyline GT-R axles for their stronger CV joints.  You can see the rear mounted Optima dry cell battery in this shot.
A drift car needs to be easy to jack up for quick tire changes and repairs.  This easy to reach rear jack point is a godsend.


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