Walker Wilkerson’s 2012 Formula D ride


Since fitment freaks love Walker, we will have to give the specs! Rays Gram Lite 57D wheels are 18×9.5 wide with a 12mm offset.  The Gram Lights are shod with Falken RT615K tires, 235/40-18 front and 255/40-18 rear.  4 piston Z32 front brakes are used with slotted DBA two piece lightweight rotors..
Z32 rear brakes are used with two piston calipers and DBA slotted rotors.  The Z32 brakes have an internal drum parking brake which is pretty effective as a drift turning brake.  More on this later.
The transmission tunnel was opened up to the limit of the FD rules for ease of maintenance and this cool tin cover was fabricated by Garage Autohero.  A Long shifter gives the GSR tranny solid throws.  The drift braking system is pretty complex.  The lever on the right controls a hydraulic cylinder coupled to the rear brakes via a check valve.  This is the common rally style of a hand rear brake.  Walker opted to do this instead of the typical dual calipers.  Walker can also use the Z32 rear drum brakes as a turning brake as well.  He often uses both in a turn independently.  The car is wired up using a prefabricated Painless wiring harness.  This includes the Motec M4 ECU.
The rear of the car has a 10 lb fire system, the Accusump tank and a water tank for a cool suit.  The Accusump ensures continuous engine oil pressure even under heavy cornering loads.  It is essential for an LS to live under hard drifting conditions.
A Stack dash monitors engine parameters.
Walker surprised everyone with his rookie season performance.  Now he is more experienced as a driver and his car is becoming more competitive.  Like it or not, look out for Walker this season!  If you are really his fan, you will like it a lot!

 Check out Walker's car last year!

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