WATCH: How the Nismo GT Pro Limited Slip Differential Works… And Why You Want One!


This week Mike takes apart a Nismo GT Pro limited slip differential to show how it works and shows us a few unique features to the Nismo diff that are pretty cool! Mike also looks at the Z1 Motorsports differential cover that is almost a necessity if you drive a Nissan 350Z or 370Z hard on the track!

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  1. Great informative video thanks 👍
    Few questions about the different operations of the unit, so 2way is obvious with the cross shaft in the diamond section of the pressure rings so pushes them apart on acceleration and same for deceleration.

    1.5 way option would be the rounded end of the cross shaft facing the flat side of the pressure plate and the flat side of the cross shaft facing the ramp angle side of the pressure plate?

    And then would it be a one way if you have the cross shaft flat side facing the pressure plate flat side?

    And the last question, say this was set to 1.5 way or 1 way if that’s a thing on this unit, depending which way round you slide the unit inside the casing would mean it would work forwards or backwards so .5 way on acceleration and full 1way on deceleration??

    Hope these questions make sense and look forward to your answers

      1. Thanks for coming back to me 👍 So the nismo gt pro diff can be used as a 2way a 1.5way and a 1way Lsd that’s pretty trick. So just one thing could you put the pressure rings into the centre forwards or backwards? So say the 1.5 option which way would you drop them in with the flat to the left of the flat to the right? If that makes sense. Just been watching a load of your videos keep up the good work

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