WATCH: How to Build a Basic 1,000 HORSEPOWER 1J/2JZ Toyota Engine!


In today’s video we take a look at Mike’s favorite engines of all time and one a lot of you have hopefully been waiting for–the 1JZ/2JZ engine class from Toyota!

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  1. So I was daydreaming about crazy hp per liter builds that will slot neatly into displacement limited (but pretty much unrestricted) classes. For instance, in British Columbia, Canada, SCCBC has a GT class (GTO) limited to 4.0L NA or 2.85L Turbo (x1.4 multiplier) . I know that the 2JZ block has a taller deck than the 1JZ. So what about this: 1JZ crank on 2JZ block for a long rod, high rev, big boost, build.

    Is there any merit to this idea?

    1. For the limited displacement destroking the 2JZ would be cool. It is a little hard getting the car to handle well with that long heavy engine but we have done it before.

    2. BMW m52b28tu twin variable cams, sleeved, close deck alu block and will survive 500+hp in racing trim, also you can add s54 pan and pump so you won’t have any oil pressure problems like 99% of the other 6cyl engines. 84mm stroke and custom 145mm rods and affiliated pistons, mech followers and can rev 8000+ all day long. Also 100 pound lighter than a JZ.

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