3rd Gen Tacoma Taillight from Form Lighting

3rd Gen Tacoma Taillight

3rd Gen Tacoma Taillight from Form Lighting

In this article we review the 3rd Gen Tacoma Taillight from Form Lighting.  I admit I never really have thought much about tail lights but Toyota sure has.  They offer three housing configurations depending on the trim level of the Tacoma.  The base SR trim has a plain red lamp with no accent, sport and off-road trims get a chrome accent and the TRD Pro trim has a black accent.  The chrome accent on our particular truck that has no chrome anywhere else looks a bit out of place.  While this is not my Grandfather’s Silverado I’m not sure I’d be satisfied with anything but the TRD Pro rear lights. Read on to see the details of this addition to our Tacoma Project.

You won’t see any cheap tint here the lens itself is tined for this smoked look. This taillight will retain its durability for years to come. 3rd Gen Tacoma Taillight3rd Gen Tacoma Taillight

Looking at LED taillight replacements is a vast market of choices and price points.  Some manufacturers seem far more focused on style or animations than the core function of a taillight which is to highlight the vehicle position at night, indicate braking, changing lanes or reversing.  Seriously, check out all the light functions as it is surprising  how poor some of the options were at core lighting functions.  Or you could do what we did and purchase these 3rd gen Tacoma Lights from Form Lighting.

What makes these taillights different

Form Lighting starts with OEM grade materials including a UV coated polycarbonate lens, automotive grade LED’s and direct fit connectors to the OEM wiring.  The design of the light mimics the Tacoma C-shaped light pattern of the turn signals, parking and brake lights.  To enhance the look of the light Form Lighting has tinted the housing which has a vastly superior look to other options in the market.  

Form Lighting uses OEM grade weather sealed connectors for a plug-and-play installation. If you’ve ever messed around with LED conversions from factory halogen bulbs you know you’ve got to figure out the right resistances and voltages to get them to work properly. This of course is all done for you with these lights. 3rd Gen Tacoma Taillights

3rd Gen Tacoma Taillight Video

As explained in the video the stand out with these lights is the startup sequence which animates the light anytime the parking lights are turned on.  Visually our project now stands out from the sea of other Tacoma’s on the road.  We’re also happy that we have a LED taillight that isn’t a simple cluster of LED’s.  If Toyota put the same thought into their taillight as their factory LED headlight this is the light they would have made.3rd Gen Tacoma Taillight

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