Project FD RX7 Restomod: Part 11 – Engine Disassembly

FD RX7 13B REWWe decided to tear down a 2,000-mile brand-new Mazda crate engine to turn it into one of the most highly-modified 13B REW engines on the planet.

FD RX7 stock clutchWe started by removing the stock clutch.  We will be replacing this with the McLeod RST that we talked about in Part 7.

FD RX7 stock flywheelAfter removing the clutch, the massive flywheel was next.  We already removed the gigantic nut that holds the flywheel onto the eccentric-shaft.

FD RX7 powersteering pumpThe A/C compressor and power steering pump hangs off of the driver’s side of the 13B engine.  It never ceases to amaze me how small this powerplant is.

FD RX7 AC compressor removedWe removed the A/C compressor and had to remove the power steering pump and mount.


  1. I love how this project went from “OEM+ Restomod” to “make our rotary engine one of the most highly-modified 13B REW engines on the planet.”

    1. Yeah, fires, pulling the engine, downtime, boredom, and beers have the effect of changing the strategy. lol.

      We originally planned on retaining the stock motor for a while, do a lot of baseline testing and comparisons and then slowly upgrade the fuel system, turbo, and other bolt-on parts. Since the engine was out, we decided to tear it down entirely and go for an extreme build instead.

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