WATCH: How to build a RELIABLE 1,400 Horsepower LS Engine!


Today in the MotoIQ Garage we’re building a 1,400 horsepower LS based engine that will be powering Dai Yoshihara’s Formula Drift BRZ but could be used for any racing format just the same. Not only does this engine make huge horsepower but it will do it reliably all season long without having to open it up for any serious maintenance!

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  1. Do you think we’ll get to a point where someone makes a re-casted k-series block in the same ilk as the RHS used here? Something that would let you build a very high revving 2.7L perhaps?

    1. There are currently billet K series blocks on the market that can take a lot of power, Drag Cartel has them in the USA.

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