WATCH: MASSIVE R35 GT-R Carbon Ceramic Brake Upgrade!


We think these are the largest, best brakes by far you can put on a R35 GT-R, so we got em! What makes them so good? Watch the video dummy!

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  1. Good morning,
    Am a little late to your video since released for the R35 GTR carbon ceramic brake system upgrade but I thoroughly enjoyed the content and understood the benefits of this transition and why it’s important to upgrade to this set up, for my car. My only draw back is I don’t own a R35 GTR however I do own a R34 GTR and here over in the UK, it’s common in the R34 GTR community to upgrade to the OEM R35 GTR brake set up which I have seen personally but none of which have been the R35 GTR carbon ceramic brake system. I would like to ask, whether you have sold R35 GTR carbon ceramic brake system kits for a R34 GTR or installed on a R34 GTR; if not, is this something you can aid me with for my R34 GTR?
    I’d be very interested in your response and appreciate your recommendation as I’m looking to upgrade my brake system in the foreseeable.

    Kind regards,
    Mohammed Rahman

    1. These parts are all factory Nissan as we stated. Presumably, if the regular brakes fit an R34 and you have wheel clearance for bigger rotors, then these should fit, you will need 20″ wheels most likely.

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