WATCH: Mission Impossible – Building the Nissan VQ37VHR!


You may not know it but MotoIQ was born and bred by a bunch of Nissan dorks.. Bring the best minds we’ve got together with the companies that know more than anyone about Nissan engines and it stands to reason we should be able to extract good power out of a VVEL equipped VQ37VHR engine, right? Actually, we don’t even know yet, but if you stay tuned to the little mini-series we’re starting here you’ll find out!

In this video we briefly explain how the VVEL system works (although we have a pretty cool video of it we uploaded 10 YEARS AGO here:…). We’ll also go over all the parts and just as important processes going into the build!

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  1. Great video. Awesome to see someone put some effort into the 3.7HR. Seems to have a lot of potential in a small package.

  2. So that VVEL is basicaly an excentric shaft that moves the rockers fulcrum? If it isn’t to prone to breakage or valve float I like it. Can you control it with an aftermarket ECU or is it an oil pressure thing?

    1. Not exactly, its an eccentric shaft that opens and closes the valves. Someone at Nissan needs to be shot. You can control it with a reflash and get good lift and duration out of it which is what we plan to do.

  3. Have you ever worked with a vq25det Mike? Less complex head than a vq37 but still has electromagnetic variable intake cams and a stronger bottom end designed for boost.

  4. What would be a fair estimate of how much power the o.e.m. parts you keep on the 3.7 build can take on a daily without worrying about breaking? Would like to build the engine then add charger or turbo setup to try for 700hp if possible

  5. Hi Mike,
    I am a reader from Australia and interested in building my 370z’s engine exactly like this locally with conversion to e85. However, I am having trouble locating the parts for this in particular the 12.5 comp pistons, are they made available for the market yet or is it still in testing stage?
    Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Mike

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