WATCH: Nerd’s Eye View – CSF Radiators Universal Racing Oil Coolers

Ravi Dolwani of CSF Radiators came by our shop to talk about CSF’s oil cooler line. Oil coolers might not seem that exciting but wait to you see all the cool stuff (pun intended) CSF has incorporated into their products!  If you like our videos make sure you’re not only subscribed to our YouTube channel but you also hit that little bell thing on there so you get notified when we release more videos!



  1. are there plans to make taller more square-ish shaped coolers? a 22″ long cooler could be deal breaker for some cars as far as fitment goes for people that the 13″ long doesn’t provide enough cooling capacity…

    1. The CSF EvoX is currently being set up to run in time attack. With its increased capacity of the oiling system, dry sump and plans to run hard for short periods of time, we feel its oil cooler is the right size for the application.

      1. damn… I was hoping there was something magical about these and that this small of a cooler could handle 700 hp worth of oil heat…

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