WATCH: Project C7 Corvette Back at Buttonwillow

Out at Buttonwillow again and again not the results we hoped for but that’s what testing is for, right?!

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  1. there are race pads you can daily if you don’t mind shortening rotor life. but if you track somewhat regularly it shouldn’t be a huge difference. I daily’d Raybestos ST43’s on my NC Miata even in subfreezing temps and they still had better cold bite than any street pad I’ve ever tried. only issues was a little bit of noise on occasion, but a few hard stops usually made that go away again. Just don’t mix it with any other pad compound on the rotors, they get obscenely loud when mixed with other compounds. Like loud enough that I would cringe every time I had to brake for the next few days when driving other cars with silent brakes.

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