Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Helping the Breathing

The CBA R35 GT-R which was made from 2009 to 2011 was held back significantly by a restrictive air intake. This was improved in 2012 in the more powerful DBA model where the intake tubes feeding the turbos were enlarged.  Since our car is a DBA, it already has the larger turbo inlets.  The problem is however once your power levels increase, you start maxing out the capabilities of the engine’s mass airflow meter.  This happens as you approach the 600 hp range.  The GT-R is a pretty awesome machine and it can get to this point with an engine with bolt-on parts! What happens is the flow goes up to the point where the sensor is maxed out at 5 volts and the ECU cannot calculate the mass airflow into the engine accurately.  We are going to fix this issue with Cobb Tuning using their intake and the Access Port tuning interface.

To fix this issue, we use Cobbs Tunings Redline Carbon Big SF intake system to both provide less intake restriction for our turbos and to give more mass airflow meter headroom. Even though the DBA GT-R has larger turbo inlets it can still benefit from even less inlet restriction and Cobb reports that their system gives more power and reduces the turbos spool time even on DBA’s although the CBA has even bigger gains.

To get around the maxing out the MAF issue, the Cobb intake has a much larger diameter near the MAF sensing element.  Here is the sensing element installed in the tube. Since the tube is larger than stock, the MAF element reads a lower voltage.  The MAF compensation table in the ECU is readjusted through the Cobb Access Port.  This gives the MAF flow headspace again.

The Cobb intake tube is made out of high-quality carbon fiber and is rubber-mounted to the core support.  Most other intake tubes on the market are lacking this mounting bracket and rattle.  With the Cobb intake, the core support does not need to be modified.

The MAF sensing element bolts right into the aluminum block that is molded into the carbon intake tubes,

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