Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Helping the Breathing

The incoming air flows through these twin Carbon backed dry flow cone filters.

The filters are installed just forward of the core support.

The filters can receive a good supply of cold air from the front of the car and are shielded from excessive dust and splash.  Although we removed the bumper cover to install additional coolers into the front of the car, the filters can normally be accessed without removing it which is handy when servicing the filters.

It is important to keep oil out of your intake air.  Oil in your intake from crankcase blowby gasses can greatly contribute to detonation, coat and accumulate in your intercoolers and foul out your plugs. In extreme cases a sudden gush of accumulating oil can hydraulic lock your engine causing serious damage.  Some engines like the Porsche M96 or Subaru EJ’s are really prone to self destruct due to this. Turbo engines also have a lot of blowby.  To keep oil out of our intake air we elected to run our crankcase vents and PCV system through Radium Engineering’s  Catch Can Air Oil Separators. They will filter oil out of our intake air. Radium Engineering catch cans feature large 10AN ORB ports, a 4AN ORB drain port, 2-step oil separation baffling, and an O-ring sealed dipstick. These kits mount using factory holes and integrate perfectly with the surrounding components. They do NOT vent to atmosphere, thus are emissions and track legal.

Radiums dual catch cans for the valve cover vents mount on the front of the engines timing cover. They bolt directly on the front of the engine.

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