Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Helping the Breathing

Next we are going to install our Ignition Projects multispark coil packs.  In our previous articles we explained that these are high powered coils that fire up to 10 times per firing cycle greatly increasing the probability of ignition.

The Ignition Projects coils are the easiest mod ever.  Simply unbolt your stock coils and replace them with the Ignition Projects parts.  That’s it! Instant upgraded ignition.

The Ignition Projects coils are installed and it’s time to reinstall the intake manifold and button things up.

Our GT-R’s engine mods are coming together nicely.

Stay tuned, now that we have all of our bolt power parts installed and all of the supporting fuel and cooling parts to reach our power goals, we are going to tune our ECU for both 91 octane pump gas and E85 while enabling our flex fuel system.


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Radium Engineering

Ignition Projects

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