WATCH: Project DC2 Integra back at Buttonwillow!


Last time we were at Buttonwillow Raceway to test out the new Stoptech big brakes and sticky new Nitto NT01 tires on our DC2 Integra we had a suspension mount failure that cut our day short.  A couple weeks ago we finally made it back to the track courtesy of Speed Ventures to test albeit a much hotter day and with slightly older tires! This time nothing broke!

This event will be the last we track our Integra with it’s relatively stock engine. It’s time we gave our little Acura more power!

If you missed the baseline test, watch that video HERE!  and our 1st followup test HERE!  …and our fail trip HERE!

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  1. I have a fairly bonestock 95 sedan GSR (same color down to the front lip) with new bushings and bilstein shocks. It’d be a good comparison of bonestock vs your mods.

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