WATCH: The BEST Performing Intercooler We’ve Ever Tested!


In this week’s video we take a look at CSF Racing’s new intercooler for the Toyota GR Corolla which is not only the best GR Corolla intercooler on the market but also the best performing intercooler we’ve ever tested!

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  1. Are you guys going to be selling this in your shop? I know you mentioned gaining 18hp in the video, but you don’t have any dyno sheets to show? You also had an FB post saying to check out the dyno results, but didn’t have a link?

  2. Mike ,
    Greddy Performance been had those exact same clamps before CSF racing x Jackson racing. It looks like they just copied Greddy’s hose clamps almost a year ago. It has an inner howe clamp that has a dual bed on the clamp so it has 2 areas where it seals on the hose couplers. It’s the dual beds on the inside clamp that makes it seal so well. And one worm gear clamp can break bc I’ve personally broke one myself. But I haven’t had it ever pop off but anything over 35psi I would use vband clamps or HD clamps for high boost set ups over 30 so or 2 bars of boost for all my intercooler pipings and plus it’s a lot easier to install and take off as well. FYI Greddy performance hose clamps are also black so the only difference is they put their logo on it.

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