Project Do It All S13, Starting the Chassis Fabrication With ZSM Customs

The S13 is known to have a pretty weak body and we wanted to strethen things up to make it safer.  We are going to send the car to ZSM Customs for some chassis modifications but we had to prep the chassis first. We stripped our car down to a rolling bare chassis.  Our car was already equipped with a basic cage but we wanted to improve the safety of that and stiffen the noodly designed in the 80’s chassis.  S13s are known to have a pretty weak body structure and we wanted to improve that to make our suspension tuning easier and improve safety.

When we opened our gas tank we were dismayed to find that everything was rusted despite the car being stored indoors for the past 6 years.

The fuel tank itself was also rotted out.  Since the stock fuel tank location is pretty rearward, it is not in the best location for safety as well.

We decided to replace the fuel tank with a Radium Engineering fuel cell, which we discussed in detail in our last article.


  1. Looks like a good starting point – I looked through a couple of the earlier articles on this project and couldn’t find the info, what’s the history of the chassis?

    Looking forward to seeing how the remainder of the chassis fab comes together!

      1. Cool that you’re bringing it back to life again! Hopefully there aren’t more surprises like the gas tank lurking.

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