WATCH: When E85 Sucks!


Don’t get us wrong, we love E85, but there’s certain conditions when E85 can wreck your engine!

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  1. Hey Mike Thank you for the helpful video .
    I been running e85 since my sti had 1000miles I’m @ 60K now .
    Since day 1, I have run AMS oil 5-30 signature oil and since oil analysis @4000k miles it came out really good still .I didn’t really trust and I have done my oil change every 3k miles .
    Now that I drive short period like 3 miles a day I did switch to gas for the same reason.
    Do you think it will be a good idea to remove the aig oil pan and inspect it to see if I have the same slush on it ??

  2. I run E85 only in my 900ish HP 2015 S550 50the anniversary Mustang GT……have 60,000 in race parts, mainly Steeda, McCloud, big T56 Tremec 6 speed, 1050 lbs injectors and custom tune with2″ Kooks and 3″ Corsa SS exhuast
    She has done 737HP and 690 TQ at the back tires
    I change the oil every 2500 miles sue to E85
    I use my test kit…….In Dayton Ohio…….E85 can be E97……….almost all Alcohol……….big VMP triple pass Intercooler is the big ticket !!!

    I Love this Super Educational Show !!!……….Wizards you Are……….Thank You

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