We Evaluate SPL Version 3 Rear Multi Link Arms


SPL version 3 links
The camber link and traction link in place.  You can see the cant in the traction link that gives more clearance here

SPL’s adjusters have other pretty cool features. The end bearing feature a lock collar with a single allen bolt instead of your typical jamb nut. Anyone who has aligned a car has felt the frustration of the bearing getting cocked sideways and banging the chassis bracket while synching down the jamb nut. This also can cause the setting to get thrown off. With the SPL part, you simply set your adjustment, get the spherical bearing lined up and lock down the collar with a single allen screw. This is way faster and more accurate. The SPL arm also feature high quality self-cleaning teflon/kevlar lined QA1 Endura chromoly forged rod ends. Anyone who has actually tried to race on fake Chinese knock off links with spherical bearings of unknown quality can attest to how fast these cheapo bearings develop play.

Other details include an upper arm fabricated with a 10 degree offset for more chassis clearance on a lowered car. The toe arm has a bend in it for more chassis clearance as well. The arms have 8.5 degrees of camber adjustment, the largest on the market and enough toe adjustment range for any ride height and set up imaginable. On the stock part and most other performance upper links, the shock goes through a hole in the upper link making its removal for shock servicing or adjustment a must. The SPL’s part’s upper links large diameter makes them strong enough to be single sided, an important feature because it allows the rear shocks to be removed for service or adjustment without removing the upper arm itself, yet another important labor and time saving feature.

We also installed SPL’s spindle bearings. These replace the soft bushings in the rear spindles with aluminum carriers holding spherical bearings. The bearings press into the spindles in place of the stock rubber bushing. This gets rid of nearly all of the squishy rubber in the back of the car.

The links and the bearings really helped make the car more stable and eliminated the wheel hop. Although the bearings transmitted a little more road noise into the cabin, they actually reduces sticksion in the bushings and made the overall ride smoother. If you have a high powered multilinked early 90’s Nissan. These parts are nearly mandatory for performance driving like drag racing, grip driving, autocross and drifting. For quality, performance and simplicity of use the SPL parts can’t be beat.

SPL Nissan spindle bearings
SPL spindle bushings replace the rubber bushings in the spindle with these spherical bearings that press in place to get rid of all the rubber in the rear suspension

SPL Parts


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