We Look Inside Fredric Aasbo’s Papadakis Racing Toyota Corolla iM Drift Machine


A Tilton top hung 600 series pedal box is used to contain the brake and clutch hydraulics. A lot of drivers prefer the feel of top hung pedals, especially in modified sedans, as the feel is very similar to a production car's swing.  A Tilton balance bar is integrated into the pedal box to control brake proportioning. 

The pedal box is mounted into a reinforced framework that is integrated into the cage to assure that the brake pedal feel will be nice and stiff. The hydraulics are fitted with pressure sensors, so the line pressure can be logged by the AEM Infinity ECU.


Alcon 4-piston calipers squeeze 330mm Alcon rotors on alloy hats on the front wheels. Alcon is a Papadakis Racing technical partner and helps with the development of the brake system.

Modern drift cars need pretty substantial brakes. Just a few years ago, cars used super lightweight, solid sprint car rotors, and that was enough because sliding sideways scrubbed off a lot of speed and the brakes were not used much.

With the advent of the 1000 hp drift car with sticky tires, sophisticated suspension, and high angles driving styles that require heavy left foot braking, suddenly good brakes have become important. The Papadakis Racing team's level of brake development will soon become the norm.


The rear brakes use 330mm Alcon rotors with dual 4-piston Alcon calipers. One set of calipers are used with the brake pedal and the other set go to the hand-operated turning brake.

The Papadakis Racing iM rides on Motegi Technomesh wheels 17×9″ in the front and 18×10″ in the rear. For rubber, the car uses 245/40-17 front and 275/40-18 Nexen N'fera SUR4 tires.


The iM sports a Rocket Bunny widebody modified by Dzine. RMR does the rest of the carbon panels like the rear hatch, hood, and doors.

The iM is a very large car and Fredric has enough room to carry a few of his friends or maybe a wife and a few kids!

The Papadakis Racing iM is cosmetically reminiscent of a rallycross car.


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