We Test Synapse Engineering’s Synchronic Blow Off Valve and DV Diverter Valve


This is where the DV and Synchronic valves really shine.  With their fast action and positive response, all flutter, lag and buck can be tuned out if you are patient. This makes driving in the twisties a lot easier.  We were really impressed with this on our EVO, it made it almost as easy to modulate as an NA car.  We used to humor Peter when he would talk about how his valves could improve things so much but now we are kicking ourselves for not using them sooner!

The last positive attribute, was the most unbelievable. Peter was always telling us that his valves would probably give us better fuel economy and we would just sorta roll our eyes.  Well after living with the valve for a while we really did get a little bit better highway fuel economy, about 0.5 mpg worth. We are noticing slightly higher intake manifold vacuum as well when cruising down the highway.  We think this is because at low load cruising, the more responsive DV is opening way more than the OEM valve.  The DV also has more valve area.  This is allowing the turbo compressor to spin more freely in low load off boost conditions which means less exhaust backpressure.  Less backpressure means more volumetric efficiency so less throttle opening is required which is showing up as higher manifold vacuum. Who would believe it!

We Test Synapse Engineering's Synchronic Blow Off Valve and DV Diverter Valve
We were amazed on how the simple little DV did so much on our EVO to improve driveability, boost response and yes, even fuel economy.  The DV is actually a good bang for the buck mod!  We were skeptical but are now believers.

On a fun note, we have found that the louder valve is sort of fun to amuse ourselves, timing shifts so the loud hiss can be used to frighten joggers and people driving hybrids in a pokey manor, so much for our hoon behavior.

OK Peter, we apologize, you were not exaggerating or doing shameless self promotion all of these years, you were actually touting stuff that we were able to experience. Now that we’ve experienced what your valves can do first hand, we are shocked and amazed at their effect on driveability, potential power and even fuel economy. We are also amazed that we could write so much about them, this is one long article!


Synapse Engineering

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  1. Hi Mike. I am looking at purchasing the Synapse DV BOV for my R32 GTR project car. I was just wondering the technology used by Synapse is still market leading or has there been improvement by other makers?

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