Phil from 360 video sent me a text on Friday at around 3pm. Both Phil and Robby (both responsible for video and editing of the JDM Insider videos) like to do that. “Hey, I’m in LA. What you up to tonight?” It must be the norcal Filipino style. So Phil was down here filming a Nike Sportswear concert with Boadrum88. At 8:08pm 88 drummers drum for 88 minutes at the park next to the La Brea Tar Pits. It was pretty cool. There were 88 drummers with 88 rock drum kits. Ever hear 88 drummers in unison? I only got to see Phil and Marc from Fatlace for like 5 minutes after the show since they were tired.


Next door at LACMA, there was this pretty cool looking display of old street lights. If you want to talk about wasting electricity, this display was definitely doing that in the name of art.


Saturday I went to the Greek Theater for an outdoor concert at the Hot 92 Funkfest featuring Morris Day and the Time, Con Funk Shun, Zapp and Roger, Midnight Starr, and the SOS Band. Most everybody was a generation or two older than me. I think I was in 5th grade when Midnight Starr’s “Freak-A-Zoid” was a hit. It was Saya’s idea to go, but it ended up being a great show. All the performers put on a good show and the entire crowd was all into it dancing and singing, etc. Everybody was having a good time drinking and uh…smoking if you know what I’m sayin. R&B/Funk today isn’t quite what it used to be. Good times…

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