Big Brakes

I love big brakes. They can stop a car faster, you can brake later in to a turn, and the car just feels better when you have them. What I think is even better than big brakes are FAKE big brakes! You know the sky is falling when people are making a living off of FAKE big brakes. As a true enthusiast, you can’t even imagine the concept, right? I was cruising eBay and I found this crock of shit:


They look real at first, but then without reading carefully, I scrolled down and saw this:


I was like, WTF? Then I read carefully and saw the word “cover” in the description. You might ask, how the hell does this attach to your stock brakes? Well, if a dumbass is thinking of fake big brakes, then you have to think on the dumbass level. Glue, how else?


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Is this bullshit for real? Then I looked at the guy’s store page here: ebay fake brake store. It is definitely for real.

Its not just limited to Brembos though. They even have fake Endless brakes:


Some people are fucking lame.

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