What the F-stop: Event coverage from behind the camera lens


Show coverage:

There's car show coverage like shooting a Cars and Coffee (requires an early alarm) or a large city auto show (need some good walking shoes) and then there's PRI or SEMA coverage. Days without sleep, unwanted exercise walking just a few feet at a time but covering miles, and eating habits that can turn stomachs or starve bellies. Getting photos is tricky at SEMA. The sheer number of people walking around makes it difficult to get a shot in. You don’t have time to set up and tripods are pretty much useless anyways. Quick scan for people, time your shot, snap a photo, and hope for the best.


semaIt can feel like salmon swimming upstream to navigate SEMA. The best way to take it all in is to plan out the booths to hit one hall at a time and leave the last hour or two of each day for wandering around to find things you weren't looking for. 
matte paintMatte colors usually do the best at not reflecting back your mug in the picture.
Small fluorescent track lights, large overhead lighting, and certain wax jobs or paint colors make it difficult to get good photos.

Nights are panty-dropping, if you remembered to wear any.  The show ends around 5pm and its typically an hour to maneuver the Vegas traffic via car or tram before making it back to the hotel/B&B/house you call home for a few days but see only a few hours. Pass out for an hour of crappy interrupted sleep, figure out some dinner plans either with a vendor or manufacturer or your little group- usually some sort of wild buffet like Spoon at the Wynn or a Double-Double at In & Out.  Eventually the night ends up at a club.


ewThe Hep C buffet- when you get to dinner late and have to lick up the leftovers off the floor. 

VIP or can piggyback some friend of a friend? Someone is likely taking the night off after waking up this morning in a puddle of his own urine with his underwear on over his pants. Well, someone's underwear. And it was the hotel lobby… You have to laugh at all the idiots still wearing their SEMA name badges. Do they realize they’re freaking each other on the dance floor?


Midnight- go home early and get some sleep? Nah, drink. These heels are killing me- drink! Strip club- drink!  Make it rain- drink! 4am bowl of pho, sleep!

falken truckWhen it comes to taking photos at SEMA, a wide angle lens can be helpful since you can get very close to the vehicle and still get it all in. Nice truck, sorry about your penis…

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