What the F-stop: Event coverage from behind the camera lens


nurburgringShooting at Nurburgring was one of the craziest experiences I've had at a car event. The beer guzzling crowd is almost overwhelming with smells and sights that are impossible to completely take in.
nurburgringWhile at 24 Hours of Nurburgring, the flash popped up for a hot minute during a torrential downpour. A few drops later, the camera decided to start hibernating. Luckily, no action was missed since this was just as the race was red-flagged for the next 9.5 hours since the track more closely resembled a swimming pool. Two days and many prayers later to the Technology Gods, it started functioning again but the damage estimate was north of $600.
hill climbHill climbs are fun to cover if you can avoid Lyme disease while hiking up the mountain for your vantage point. The crowds tend to be old school car guys who have been doing this for generations and always have a fun story to tell.
pike's peakWildlife on the track keeps things interesting at Pike's Peak. That deer corner worker lost her flag!
pike's peakPic of Jeff Zwart as he came through just past Double Cut corner.  Per Connor, it was an early morning after a late night of drinking so they got to the start of the practice stage just before 4AM, after it had closed to uphill traffic. Nothing like a sunrise walk/hike/climb in the thin high altitude air with empty stomach and frigid mountain winds to get a great shot in the early morning light.
hawk brian redmanConnor also took this picture from the Hawk with Brian Redman vintage car racing at Road America. “Road America is tricky to shoot because it's so big and you want to get photos from many spots while also capturing the action. This is an unexplored area along Kettle Bottoms just after the notorious “Kink”. The view is obscured by the foliage and concrete safety fence but if you're quick, you can find a gap to shoot through before you're asked to move along.”
hawkThere are also the restrictions imposed by the dense trees that line certain areas of the track. “This was taken from an overgrown and neglected footpath along the inside of Thunder Valley coming out of Canada Corner. It's a unique vantage point but you have to forge your own path through saplings that want to whip your face, thickets of bushes designed to poke your eyes out, and thorny vines intended to slash your shins.” So basically dress like a football player and you'll get the shot you're looking for.

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