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MY11 WRX/ STi Adjustable sway bars

The fitting of bigger Whiteline swaybars is still the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make. Cornering loads are spread more evenly across the tires delivering more grip and frankly, that’s what it’s all about. You also get improved tire wear as your tires stay flatter and more upright. Comfort improves because your car sits flatter through bends meaning less movement inside the vehicle. These Whiteline adjustable sway bars allow their rate to be altered by increasing or reducing the length of the lever arms. This permits the roll stiffness to be tuned for different situations without replacing the entire bar.


Whiteline Flat Out Evo X Caster Kit

EVO X caster kit

Recommended for track use only, KCA400M features a light weight aluminium bushing & offset serviceable bearing for added caster, minimal compliance & optimum feedback. Fitted to your EVO X, this caster kit will result in more compliant suspension during braking & acceleration – reduced understeer with increased front end grip & sharper more precise steering due to added caster.


Whiteline Flat Out Drop Links

Anti-roll drop links

Performance sway bar links utilising heavy duty steel ball joint ends that adjust & rotate to any angular combination. Eliminate sway bar preload via the adjustable body providing up to 25mm centre to centre length adjustment. OE and aftermarket swaybar effectiveness can be hindered by worn or inadequate mounts and links. Whiteline swaybar accessories are heavy duty and long lasting to ensure the maximum output of the swaybar for improved grip and better handling. Available across a huge range of sport compact vehicles incl. STi, EVO, R35 GTR, 350Z and more.


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For info on your nearest Whiteline Flat Out dealer visit www.whiteline.com.au/dealer.php or call them at (616) 399-9025


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