Whiteline Flatout Heavy Duty Endlinks for VW and Audi

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Whiteline Flatout Heavy Duty Endlinks for VW and Audi



Whiteline is excited to now offer front (KLC167) and rear (KLC141) adjustable heavy duty up rated ball joint style sway bar links for the MK5 and MK6 VW Golf and Audi A3/ S3 front wheel drive models (plus more). Whiteline’s drop links are a must when installing larger Whiteline or aftermarket branded sway bars and are very useful in reducing preload of sway bars during installation. 


Whiteline Flatout Heavy Duty Endlinks VW GOLF and Audi


Not many enthusiasts are aware that OE and aftermarket sway bar effectiveness can be hindered by worn or inadequate mounts, links and lateral stoppers. Whiteline swaybar accessories are heavy duty and long lasting to ensure the maximum output of the swaybar for improved grip and better handling.


Whiteline Flatout Heavy Duty Endlinks VW GOLF and Audi


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Come read about the new Whiteline endlinks and the rest of the VW Golf products Whiteline offers for the Golf in our Project MKVI Golf TDI:


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Whiteline boasts a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of replacement, enhancement and performance suspension components that deliver significant gains in vehicle balance, steering precision, grip levels and outright driving performance. Consisting of adjustable sway bars (also known as Stabilizer Bars or Anti Roll Bars), chassis bracing, alignment products and chassis control bushing kits, Whiteline products provide automotive workshops, tuners, enthusiasts and racers with innovative solutions to suspension and handling problems while delivering proven performance & problem solving outcomes for many of the worlds vehicle platforms.


For more information on WHITELINE’s range of suspension products go to www.whiteline.com.au, phone at 909 476 2860, or email sales@whitelineus.com.


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