Who is the best? Calling all Road Racers, Drifters, Autocrossers, Drag Racers, Canyon Runners,Time Attackers and Track Day Enthusiasts!


Get any group of drivers together, give them a few beers and the smack talk starts. Usually, drivers from different disciplines think they are the best. Road racers look down on drifters, drifters see themselves as the kings of car control, drag racers rule acceleration, canyon runners seem to feel they are soul drivers and autocrossers smugly feel that parking lot contests of low-speed agility put them on top. We have created an even playing field where the talking can stop and the real bragging rights can be earned!

So we are now calling out all drivers from all disciplines with all types of car setups to the MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown presented by KW Suspension. Round 2 will be on July 20th at the conveniently located Irwindale Speedway and we want to see which group will prevail on our Super-G head to head course. So no more bench racing, sign-up and prove who’s best on the race track!

Hellafunctional Showdown Round 2 Sign-Up

The Super-G head to head course at Irwindale Speedway is a balanced combination of high, medium and low speed turns, maximum acceleration from a standing start and full force braking into a stop box. All of this is packaged into a heads up mirror image race to the finish!

 Round 1 of the MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown yielded a very diverse field of cars with all sorts of configurations. From a fully prepped AWD timeattack car to a 4-door daily driven sedan – in the true spirit of run what you brought. Our field of competitors had AWD, RWD and FWD cars of all power levels and amazingly they all seemed to be pretty close in lap times.

 So far in our first challenge, no type of car seemed particularly dominant. Even the level of prep and tire type didn’t have a huge effect on the outcome.  At this stage of the game, as the event develops, it seems like driver skill is perhaps the main factor in who performs best. To give you a real life example of the parity of our competitors, the Whiteline Mustang is a very well set up build, but still just a solidly built street car with non-race tires. Six other competitors were within less than a second of its best lap time of the day.   

The Super-G Challenge starts with a heads up standing start. So how well you can launch and accelerate away from a standing start is very important. We thought that AWD cars might dominate for this reason, but what was the best prepped AWD car did not walk away from the rest of the competitors. 

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