Who is the best? Calling all Road Racers, Drifters, Autocrossers, Drag Racers, Canyon Runners,Time Attackers and Track Day Enthusiasts!

If you’re planning on taking part of the Hellafunctional Showdown be prepared to pass a basic tech inspection and be sure to bring a full faced helmet as well. During the drivers’ meeting we will go over the track rules and any questions our drivers may have. 


A large part of the Hellafunctional Showdown presented by KW is the performance of the cars on track, but there is also a judged element to the competition. During the tech inspection MotoIQ staff not only looks over the cars to verify they’re OK to go on track, but they are also judged for quality. There are 10 categories ranging from Paint to Fabrication. Cars with ricer mods, poor workmanship or fake/poor quality parts get points deducted. Each category has a potential deduction of 10 points and you’ll receive a 1/10 of a second penalty for each point deducted.

This completely modded high powered R35 GT-R was fast, but it did not dominate the pack. So don’t be afraid to bring out your ride to the Hellafunctional Showdown. The cool thing about the Super-G course is that it doesn’t favor either high or low-speed turns. Many different types of cars are competitive, from light and nimble to heavy and powerful. 

 Talk about diversity! Even this daily driven Infiniti G35 Sedan was not super far off the pace.


 No mods required! The winning car of the last event was a bone stock C7 Corvette!  You don’t need a highly modified car to do well in the Super-G portion of the Hellafunctional Showdown.


The winners of each round of the MotoIQ Hellafunctional Challenge presented by KW Suspension, will get to stand on the podium, have spectators to watch the competition and win some deep-pocket KW contingency vouchers! You also get media coverage like the big guys competing in The Drift League.

The Hellafunctional Challenge is held at Southern California’s conveniently located Irwindale Speedway – perhaps the only urban track left in California. It is by far the closest and most convenient track to get to if you’re close to Los Angeles.

Your entry to the Hellafunctional Showdown is also good for free spectating of The Drift League Pro-Am Competition ($10 value) and you get a prime parking spot next to the grandstands during the competition! You’ll also get free parking for the rest of the night if you’d like to stay to watch the drifting competition (over $15 value). To guarantee a decent amount of track time, we are restricting entries to the first 24 cars so hurry and register!

Pass the word and lets get a good variety of drivers out on July 20th so we can see which driving discipline truly has the best drivers. See you there!

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