Wrench Tips #15 – Grip Dip For Your Screw Tip

 Wrench Tips – Tip #15: Grip Dip For Your Screw Tip

Say you’re trying to remove the air filter from a Hayabusa air box so you can figure out how to make it fit under your Miata’s hood. And say the screws are really tight and you’re afraid of rounding out the screw heads. What do you do?

Valve Lapping Compound on your screwdriver wrench tip

 If you’re Alex Vendler, mastermind of both the MetroGnome and the Miatabusa, you dip your screwdriver in valve lapping compound, giving your screwdriver better bite on the screw.

And if you’re that Hayabusa air filter screw, you still won’t budge. But at least it didn’t round the screw head.

-Dave Coleman


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