WTAC 2014 – Competition Day 1 Coverage Presented by BorgWarner EFR



This is unfortunately all Sydney Motorsports Park would see of the ARK Designs BNR32 during Friday's competition. Yes – the car was at the track and in one piece, but the team was still hunting down an intermittent electrical issue that had plagued the car since its arrival in Australia. Rumors are going around about faulty computer equipment, and though the car had managed to fry its original and a couple back up ECUs the problem was not the equipment. Credit has to be given to the team for never giving up! With little options, multiple jumper harnesses had to be built throughout the weekend in order to use the different ECUs the team was able to get their hands on. On a funny side note, if you look closely at the pic above you can see Mike in his signature “texting pose”. LOL!
Meanwhile in the R35 GTR Pro Class Nob Taniguchi was running away with from the competition in the HKS R35 GTR with a time of 1:30.83. Over a second faster than Tarzan Yamada in the Top Secret R35 GTR and a full eight seconds faster than the Willall Racing R35 GTR. 
Hands down the unexpected surprise of the day was the lap time that the Pro-Am PMQ Racing Evo laid down on Friday. Like we talked about earlier, the Pro-Am class follows the same rule set as the Pro Class cars except for the restriction against professional drivers. Mick Sigworth's time of 1:25.27 was not only over 5 seconds faster than the closest competitor in the Pro-Am Class, but it was good enough to take the best OVERALL time of the day. Yes folks, faster than even the Pro Class competition! 
The Open Class probably had the widest range of cars competing. Even so, the top three spots were separated by just a smidgen over a second. Leading the diverse pack was Dean Lillie in the Powertune Nissan R32 who was clocked in at 1:30.98…Ka-chow! Gotta love the Lightning McQueen livery!



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