2013: The Lovefab Enviate

2013: The LoveFab Enviate, Presented by: Turbo by Garrett

By Cody Loveland


The 2012 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb was our first major racing event as constructors, drivers, sponsor hunters, and podium celebrators.  The enormity of what was accomplished with our time and budget still hasn't hit home.


Let's take a step back for a minute… The LoveFab 2012 Recap Video


Lovefab NSX


The car started life as my 1991 NSX which served as shop car, as well as weekend cruiser.  After six months of planning, cutting, welding, more cutting, testing, breaking, thrashing-to-repair, “I don't know if this thing will run at 13,000ft of elevation” on Practice Day 1, huge crash on Practice day 2, 48 hour thrash session to rebuild, and an entire Unlimited Class field that  had mechanical failures or crashed, we finally stood on the podium claiming our 2nd Place Trophy in the Unlimited Class, as Rookies. 

And then I proposed to my Co-Driver, Tabitha Lohr, in front of some of the motorsports world's best drivers and teams.  But I digress; that's old news.

Enter 2013.  Through perseverance and success the LoveFab Team has captured a worldwide audience, as well as a great sponsor deck.  No, we are not rich; as I type this, I was lucky to make my mortgage on the 35th day past-due, and we are technically 6 days late on shop rent.  But, dreams are not met without sacrifice, so we are trudging on.  Turbo By Garrett has pledged enough support to warrant taking the car to the next level. 


Lovefab NSX
We had planned on running the same NSX chassis as in 2012, but using the Chevy LS-based V8 engine swap, mated to a Porsche gearbox.


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