2013 SEMA Show: A Glimpse at the Past, Present and Future



More FRS and BRZs, this one with a Rocket Bunny Kit

Not to be confused with what's hidden away in your girl's panty drawer; the Rocket Bunny kit remains the kit of choice for FR-S and BRZ owners.

Another Scion FRS Rocket Bunny Version 2 Kit

As sexy as the original kit might be, Rocket Bunny unveiled the Version 2 FR-S and BRZ body kit. The version 2 kit preserves the impressively stout image which generally characterizes a Rocket Bunny kit.

Another Scion FRS Rocket Bunny Version 2 Kit

Par for the course, the version 2 Rocket Bunny kit still flaunts the wide fender flares with slightly different profile side skirts. The biggest change seems to be in that of the front bumper. I'm not too sure how I feel about it, but in the end who cares if it makes more room for an intercooler?

Another Scion FRS

A bit more discreet yet ready for some track days, this Scion FR-S featured a set of Gram Lights 57C6 wheels and an enormous brake package. Tired of the FR-S yet?  I am.

Toyota Prius

Let's move on to something cooler, like the Toyota Prius.  Wait, what?  OK, I knew I shouldn't have gone for another drink.  Maybe that nice lady at the Gentlemen's club slipped me a roofie.  Oh well, what happens in Vegas… get's published on the internet.

White Toyota Prius


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