2013 SEMA Show: A Glimpse at the Past, Present and Future


All joking aside, the next big movement in automobile performance will be based around alternative fueled vehicles.  The tables will surely turn and like the muscle car followers scuffed at imports in the early 90's, we'll too turn our noses up at the next generation of young punk kids racing electric, natural gas, or hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles.  Mark my words, the day will come.

Spoon Sports Honda CRZ for 25 Hours of Thunderhill

Or, is the day already upon us?  This Honda CR-Z has been prepared by Spoon Sports to compete in the grueling 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race.

Spoon Sports Honda CRZ for 25 Hours of Thunderhill

The Spoon Sports Honda CR-Z retains its hybrid power plant and weighs in the neighborhood of 2,100 pounds.  Note the Volk TE37 SL wheels, a great update to the timeless, classic design of the TE37.

4th Gen Honda Prelude

In case my banter about the future of street performance and its inevitable collision with alternative fuel vehicle technology was just too much for you, we'll take a few steps into this past to admire this 4th gen Honda Prelude.

Hasport Circuit Monsters Turbocharged K24 Honda Prelude

To put it simply, the Circuit Monsters/Hasport Prelude is a track beast.  Instead of the run of the mill H22 engine, the heart of this Honda Prelude is a turbocharged K24 pumping out a modest 500hp. Nicely done!

Toyota Supra SEMA 2013

Along with the Honda Prelude, came another classic profile from the heydays of the Sport Compact era, the Toyota Supra.  It seems that there are a few more Supras this year than in recent SEMA shows.

1000WHP Toyota Supra 
Put simply, Toyota Supras and big horsepower go together like peanut butter and jelly, peas in a pod, or George Washington and a strippers G-string.

Sema Show 2013

If you're lucky enough to be attending the 2013 SEMA show and happen to see me staggering through the halls reeking of alcohol and baby powder, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself. For the rest of you living vicariously through the MotoIQ staff, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for live updates throughout the week. We  have a good amount of coverage on deck for this year's 2013 SEMA Show.



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