2015 SEMA: Wrapup


Tronson Equidaline (1962 Ford Econoline)Does that thing got a Hemi? Nope, it's got 4 of them! Gordon Tronson (of History Channels “Counting Cars” fame) revealed his 1962 Ford Econoline pickup truck powered by four supercharged Hemi engines. 4,000 hp with eight Holley carbs is supported by a custom tube chassis. Tronson must have a thing for polygamous engine bays as he also built a four engine Harley Davidson and a Model T with two engines and four superchargers in his past.
The Ford Racing Performance X-Pipe and side exit exhaust kit for the Mustang converts the stock H-style pipe to a (409 stainless steel) X-style one without welding using the front factory clamps and new clamps to add to the catback exhaust (with included rear lower GT350 valance). Perhaps one of our smart MIQ readers can help me understand how this 6 tip tangled web can help with the scavenging effect since I'm perplexed. And you're out $4k at the end of the day!
The 670hp Mustang GT supercharger kit is 50 state CARB legal and was designed in collaboration with Roush Performance.  The R2300 TVS roots-type supercharger features an 85mm pulley and twin four lobe rotors that are twisted 160 degrees. When paired with updated air inlet and outlet ports, it produces enhanced thermal efficiency and higher volumetric capacity.
CamaroCamaroChevrolet presented a number of Camaros all with shiny paint jobs or chromed wheels, shiny things that distracted some from the disappointment of no real underhood mods. Look, here's a red one! And white with fancy red accents!
Chevy NovaOk, so it wasn't all just paint. Chevrolet Performance took a step back in time to show how a direct-injected 2.0L turbo crate engine (272 horsepower) swapped into this 1967 Nova SS presents a good alternative to the original 275-hp V-8. The all-iron V-8 has been replaced by an all-aluminum turbo four cylinder, offering a 50/50 front-to-rear weight distribution. A modern six-speed manual replaces the four speed auto and now this hot rod can go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds. The LTG crate engine, electronic control unit, the engine accessory drive system and transmission are available from Chevrolet Performance.  A billet aluminum grille, narrowed and tucked bumpers, shaved door handles with electronic latch releases, and four-wheel disc brakes compliment the modern upgrades. Suspension mods include height-adjustable air bags and a triangulated 4-link design in the rear.
COPO CamaroIt's not quite a Funny Car, but Chevrolet partnered with Courtney Force to create this COPO Camaro which will be auctioned off at a Barrett Jackson sale in 2016 with proceeds going to the United Way. 69 COPO Camaro race cars will be built in 2016 designed for NHRA Stock and Super Stock Eliminator classes. The Gen Six features 28% increased structural rigidity while weighing in at 133 pounds lighter. Engine choices include the 5.7L Whipple supercharged 350, 7.0L naturally aspirated 427, or new 6.2L LT-based 376. Racing chassis and suspension components include a solid rear axle system, rear axle with aluminum center section featuring a spool type diff and 40 spline gun drilled axle shafts offering increased axle shaft strength. The gun drilling removes weight from the center of the axle shaft. Wheelie bar and parachute complete this drag setup.

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