2015 SEMA: Wrapup


Smart Um… moving along…
VW camperIf you've followed any of my German road trip articles, you'll understand my infatuation with a clean VW bus, especially on bags. 
Ron Berry VW BusMore gratuitousness- The “Surf Seeker” VW bus built by Ron Berry and would otherwise be just another cartoonish SEMA vehicle except that it's fully functional! The bus uses the front and rear suspension from a 1962 VW bus paired to a body hand built out of steel on a 65 Type 2 suspension with 72″ wheelbase and 2175 air cooled supercharged engine, making about 200 horsepower, and tucking 24″ wheels. If you don't believe it's driveable, check out this video.
Mazda MX-5The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Speedster Concept is a nod to lightweight sports car with carbon fiber roll bar, wind deflector, door panels, center console and seats.  
Mazda MX-5The SKYACTIV-G 2.0L DOHC 16 valve, 4 cylinder engine with VVT plus body comes in at just about 2080 pounds (driver not included).
BMW E28This E28 is known as “Rusty Slammington.”  The car is built by Mike Burroughs of Stanceworks and originally featured a 5″ chopped top and Toyota Supra 1JZ powerplant. After a garage fire burned Rusty beyond recognition, Mike decided to bring Rusty back to life, this time with an S38 inline-6 motor, 14:1 compression ratio pistons and dry sump, tuned for almost 500 horsepower on 110 octane. PFM Autosport custom-built headers and side exhaust exit.
Stanceworks E28The rust look is actually chemicals applied to the metal. It has a custom tube chassis with integrated roll cage. The wheelbase and body were shortened a foot (no more rear doors) and it has custom H&R suspension and custom wide fenders. 16×12 and 19×14.5 BBS's were sourced from a Porsche 956.

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