350Z Track Monster


This 350Z now has only one purpose in life. To perform well in Time Attack competitions. It has undergone significant modifications to attain that goal. Thanks to Blackout Vader for the use of this photo.

Over the past three years Mike has been the 2012 CSCS Street RWD Time Attack Champion, in 2013 the CSCS Super Street RWD Time Attack Class Champion, the 2014 CSCS Super Street RWD Time Attack Class Champion, and in 2015 he was the Ontario Time Attack SGT1 Class Champion with 8 wins out of 8 events. His overall results netted him the 2015 OTA Novice Championship and the OTA Overall Championship. On his way to these multiple championships he has set a number of records and had some unbelievable moments.


At Road Atlanta there was a heart stopping moment coming into Turn 6 at 180 KPH (about 112 MPH) when the screw down battery disconnected upon initial braking. The car instantly lost power and Mike – both feet in and counter-steering like crazy – went on the ride of his life. And stayed between the walls, no contact!

His parents were correct in assuming that there would be some terrifying moments. Going backwards into Turn 6 at Road Atlanta would qualify as one of those times. With some fancy footwork and extreme wheel work, coupled with a bit of luck, Mike kept the car pristine and was back out on track after a bit of mechanical work. As he was preparing to enter the corner, the battery cable disconnected and the car immediately lost all power and went for a loop, as the rear locked up without any power. Quite the ride and quite the story to tell.


This YouTube clip showcases the car at Shannonville Motorsports Park Pro Track. The car was running well and, for a first time visit, Mike came away with first in class and first overall. Video Clip courtesy of Michael Gardner.
This YouTube clip showcases the car at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (formerly Mosport) and you can hear the awesome sound. Unfortunately, the engine was hurting and down on power at this event. Mike knew that he should have pulled into the pits and shut the car down, but as he explained later, it was more important to stay on track and ensure that he didn't lose! After being behind all day, Mike saved it with a win by a tenth of a second. Right afterwards, however, the car was back to R-Division for a teardown. Video Clip courtesy of Michael Gardner.
This 350Z features a built engine that is  very well modified. That, combined with a great driver, has resulted in four years of victories. Photo courtesy of Skootermedia.

Creating this brute starts with the engine, which is a VQ35DE. It has been built with JE 12:1 compression pistons and Eagle Rods. The intake cam is a JWT C10 with 300 degrees duration and 13 mm lift. The exhaust cam is a JWT C9 that has 287 degrees duration and 13 mm lift. The build continues with deshrouded valves, a multi-angle valve job, and heavy duty valve springs. The head has been ported for better flow. The lower plenum is ported while the upper plenum has been enlarged and gutted with a transition to 3.5 inches.


What amazes me with the VQ35's V6 setup is how compact it is. The JE pistons and Eagle Rods easily give this bottom end the capability of handling 300 plus naturally aspirated horsepower. Photo courtesy of Eric Lavigne.
Here's a better pic to showcase the one season old JE Pistons and Eagle Rods. Eric is freshening the engine to ensure that it is all ready for the 2016 season. Mike is still pondering which series he's going to race in. Photo courtesy of Eric Lavigne.

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