350Z Track Monster


Hankook TD C70s, either 285/30/18 or 295/30/18, kept the car glued to the pavement throughout the 2015 season. The wheels are a square setup – Enkei RPF1 18×10.5 +15 to be exact.
Brake calipers have been upgraded to an OEM Bremo setup. Ewald Performance (that business has a nice name) has supplied brake pads from almost the beginning of Mike's track outings. This year Mike will be looking forward to running G-Loc Brake pads, probably R16 compound front and R10 rear.
Hard Parker to stone chips on a home made splitter! Wow, what an improvement! LOL. Make no mistake about the durability of this setup. Mike can stand on it and it won't budge or creak.
The rear wing adds some needed downforce for tracks like Mosport with very high speed corners.
Eric Lavigne (left) is the R-Division master engine builder who keeps Mike going. And Joshua Bannon whose yellow Civic is in the background. Not to mention James Houghton's Integra Type R and Chris Boersma's record breaking Civic plus several other cars. 

Mike downplays his mechanical knowledge and participation in working on the car. He points out that his work life outside of car racing – which keeps him in the game of motorsports – takes up a lot of time. He also has a lovely family that includes three young and very active little ones that he absolutely adores, so having a team like R-Division to assist with the work is absolutely needed. However, as I have been following Mike and his Z car almost from the beginning I know that he absolutely gets covered in grease as he trys out various ideas for improving his car.


The 6 point cage was built by Cyrious GarageWorks. The rear strut towers have been reinforced. While you cannot see them in this pic, the JRZ rear suspension resevoirs are mounted on the floor in the trunk area.

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