480WHP Honeywell Garrett Powered F20C: Devin Giles’ Time Attack S2000


A coolant expansion tank from Radium is used with the V-mounted radiator setup. The remote reservoir for the Stance suspension is located in the engine bay too. 


A Radium fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator provide fuel to the Evolved Injection 1200cc injectors. An AEM Infinity does all the engine control stuff along with getting fuel pressure data from the AEM sensor screwed into the rail. With the fuel pressure data being sent to the AEM Infinity, it can trigger a fail-safe mode if the fuel pressure drops too low to prevent grenading the engine. 


Pumping the fuel out of the stock fuel tank is a Walbro 255. The fuel goes into a Radium surge tank housing an AEM 340 fuel pump. 


A Radium universal oil catch can is mounted down by the CSF radiator. 


A StopTech BBK handles the braking duties with the 328mm x 28mm rotor setup. Hey, great minds think alike. G-Loc R16 brake pads are paired with the ST40 calipers in the front and R10 pads are used at the rear.  


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