480WHP Honeywell Garrett Powered F20C: Devin Giles’ Time Attack S2000


Stance XR3 3-way adjustable dampers are paired with 14kg main springs in the front and 12kg main springs in the rear. In going with a square/non-staggered tire setup on S2000s, I personally like a 15%-20% stagger in spring rates and then tweaking the sway bars to dial in the handling; 14/12 gives Devin ~17% spring rate stagger. The XR3 setup also uses helper springs as you can see. Powerflex bushings replace the surely worn-out stock bushings. 


In prep for the 2017 season, TF-Works got creative in fabbing a real cage for the car building upon the pre-existing roll bar. No one likes to see a car burn down, so a SPA fire suppression system was installed. A Sparco Circuit 2 seat paired with Racetech 6-point harness hold Devin in place. 


Door bars were added for greater protection. You can also see the gusset going between the A-pillar and cage with dimple die holes to reduce mass.


Speed is addictive. Devin got bit by the bug, and his S2000 went from stock to a fully-caged dedicated track car. Devin’s car was built with smart money saving decisions and DIY solutions. And now, it’s really fast. That doesn’t mean there’s not room for improvement, so keep an eye out for more upgrades.



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