Project Toyota Supra Mark IV: Part 12 – Corbeau RRB seats!

Project MKIV Supra: Part 12 – Corbeau seats

A home run in comfort and styling!

by Pablo Mazlumian

Continuing on our quest to update this rather old car’s interior (hey, it’s officially over 20 years old now!), we move to the seats. Previously, Project Supra was sporting Corbeau CR1 seats in blue to match the BMW “Estoril” blue paint job. They were fine seats, but as the years went on I found myself wanting to go back to an all-black interior. It just got to be a little too “blue”.

The previous Corbeau CR1 seats were fun for a while due to their color, but after years of experiencing a blue interior, it was time to tone it down. Maybe I'm just getting old. In any case, since I've been happy with the Corbeau brand I decided to contact them again.
I put an order in for a set of Corbeau RRB adjustable seats in hopes they would compliment the updated look I was striving for. These seats feature Jacquard Cloth, which is known in the aftermarket as being among the most durable of any cloth material. Brought to the market by Joseph Jacquard of France, thanks to his invention of the mechanical loom, Jacquard fabric is known by its intricate patterns woven in the material, and is popular in household furniture as well.
When you look at a press photo of the RRB seat on Corbeau’s website, the carbon fiber vinyl appears much more grey than it really is. Perhaps it’s due to the flash photography used. In real life, however, the seats are black, and it's the only option offered on their site. That's perfect for us, although a grey/black option like the one pictured here would look awesome in the right car.

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