A First Timer’s Visit to SEMA


After parking the car at the Hilton parking garage (Mike’s personal IS F) we began the trek to get to the convention center media area. There’s actually a shuttle that will pick you up and take you most of the way but we didn’t know when the next one was coming so we just walked… about a mile or two. One of the first vehicles we saw as we made our way there was KerryAnn De La Cruz’s R32 Time Attack car.

Mike Kojima points to his own Obama Shop'd photo
You know you’re a Rock Star when your face has been Obama Shop’d onto a car.  People came up and showed us this  picture of Mike’s face all week.

Following that we saw Chris Marion’s Lancer Evo sporting MotoIQ decals on the sides and windshield banner.  Prior to the SEMA show I believe it was languishing in a backyard with fire damage.

MotoIQ bannered Evo

Premium placement for MotoIQ!  Chris Marion’s car was right outside the entrance to the main hall.


Dodge Viper with miniature pinscher

Genius idea!  Instead of getting booth babes just get a cute dog, that’ll attract the girls.  It’s tough to tell in this photo but the dog is actually wearing a KW suspension collar.


Rothmans rally Porsche
Rothman’s rally Porsche 911, note the rear hatch glass mounted cooler.  I wish Porsche still participated in Rally.

 From the moment we entered the show to the moment things wrapped up at the end of each day it was pretty well nonstop action going from one meeting to the next and getting back and forth from one end of the show to the other. At one point I stopped to take a couple photos of this Rolls Royce. By the time I looked up the MotoIQ crew was gone, I spent the next half hour tracking the guys down. I even had to ask a rival tire manufacturer where to find the Continental Tires booth, yeah that was fun/embarrassing. After that I learned my lesson and kept up with the guys, it’s not easy being a noob at SEMA.

Rolls Royce at SEMA in the gianelli booth
Seriously, when the wheels are as big as buggy hoops you’ve gone too far.


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