A First Timer’s Visit to SEMA


I expected to see more Ford Fiestas at the show than I actually did. Jeff and Martin both seemed to prefer the look of its close cousin the Mazda 2 whereas I preferred the looks of the Fiesta. Here’s an example of each. What do you guys think?

Mazda 2 by 3D Carbon
Mazda 2 by 3D Carbon.


Ford Fiesta SEMA 2010
Ford Fiesta by FSWerks.

There were almost as many cars to see outside as there were inside.  Martin and I spent some time talking to these guys who had rebodied a current gen Mustang to look like a ’69 GT500. Except for the rear deck being slightly taller it’s pretty well a perfect recreation. In fact old styling cues on modern muscle was a common theme as I also saw Corvettes and Camaros done up this way too.

69 GT500 rebody of current gen mustang
Modern Mustang muscle, classic good looks.


Rick Hendrick retro Corvette
Looks like this retro styled Corvette has been sold to Rick Hendrick but I’m sure others can/will be built.

Heading back inside we spotted these “taxis”.  TopGear America (Premieres Sunday the 21st of November on History Channel as if you didn’t already know) had a fleet of them running people back and forth to the convention center.  Missing in this photo is the 458 Italia.  These cars seemed to have some sort of a “do whatever you want” pass from the city as they could be heard roaring down the strip pretty routinely.

TopGear America taxis
TopGear America taxis, can’t imagine a cab ride in one of these was cheap… or slow.  Note the Camaro in this photo has been done up with retro Trans Am styling cues.

This was the last picture I took before losing my camera on the first day. Martin and I ran back and forth frantically to the places where we’d stopped but couldn’t find the camera… I was absolutely crushed. I’d gone from having the time of my life taking in the scene at SEMA to that sucker punch to the gut feeling of having lost a prized possession. All the pictures I’d taken, all the stories I wanted to tell, all gone. The guys were all really encouraging telling me that someone would find the camera and turn it in.  I was bitter and probably not much fun to be around.

Still, I filled in the paperwork with the Las Vegas Convention Authority and crossed my fingers for the best. All the while I was filling out the paperwork people kept coming up and asking me for directions to various places at SEMA, I was clearly not the best person to be asking for directions and made sure to tell them so.

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