A First Timer’s Visit to SEMA


The next morning by some miracle the LVCA called to say they had an item that matched the description of my property. I couldn’t wait to get to the show and see if it was really my camera, Jeff said it didn’t matter what one they showed me it was mine. When we got to the show we went straight to a meeting and then after that to lunch, by this point I was dying to head to the lost and found and as soon as lunch was over we split up and I headed off to the Lost and Found. Sure enough by some miracle it was actually my camera.  So to whoever turned in the camera, THANK YOU, you are an awesome human being.

Local-Motors rally fighter
The Local-Motors Rally Figher, this thing was badass in a strangely compelling way. It reminds me of a ’70s Camaro with a 4WD chassis underneath, except with better execution and better looks.


Ferrari F430
Is there such a thing as a sleeper Ferrari?  This F430 was twin supercharged to make 800+ horsepower and  lowered only slightly on H&R suspension.  I’m going to call this one hellafunctional.

From then on I managed to keep tabs on my camera and made doubly sure to keep it securely hung around my neck.  Between rushing around to meetings and being hung over from whatever industry party occurred the night before I didn’t manage to take nearly as many pictures as I’d have liked to. Oh well, there’s always next  year.

Patrick Mordaunt's Formula D 350Z
Patrick Mordaunt’s Formula D 350Z.  Props for sticking with the VQ35 engine.


Martin Gonzales SEMA 2010
Here Martin ponders what life might be like if he were to take up a career as a Ford spokesmodel.


A-Team syled Van
A-Team style van! I saw this one on my way out on the last day.  If only I’d seen a General Lee styled Charger my life would have been complete.

I want to extend a special thank you to all the people I met during the SEMA week. Mike Kojima, Jeff Naeyaert, and Martin Gonzales, your hospitality was awesome even if you guys did joke ABOOT my accent and said huh? every time I said ZED. Sarah Forst and Annie Sam thank you both for helping me around the show and seeing that I didn’t get lost any worse than I already was. Thanks to Chuck and Co. for a memorable evening at the Sapphire Club.  To Dave Coleman who I almost met twice: I’ve always loved Technobabble and really enjoy your writing style.  And finally, one last extra thank you goes out to Chuck and Annie for managing to fit 7 people in their Nissan Titan pickup.

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