A Gearhead’s DIY: Toddler’s Wheelchair


Use long zip ties to make it easy to reach under the chair and thread the tie through the inner hold that you've just drilled.
In the chair I drilled two holes about an inch up from the bottom of the base. As the material is relatively soft, I used a couple of washers to give a bit of additional strength.
I used one hole and zip tie at the front.
Snip off the excess zip tie with wire cutters and you're good to go. To keep things clean, I had the zip tie ends meet underneath the base.
The finished product – works well and my grandson loves it. Of course, he needs a lot of support while he's in it as his upper body strength is also challenged by SMA – the main point of this was to provide him with another opportunity to expand his horizons. On that front, we certainly have success!

Part List and Sources:

Bike Wheels – Strider Bikes Canada or Strider Bikes USA

Cutting Board (20″ x 15″) – Amazon

Castor Wheels – Amazon

Mega Seat – I'm not sure you'll find one of these, but they're a good seat. What is readily available is the Bumbo Seat. Same idea just has a lower back. In Canada try Snuggle Bugz and in the US try Amazon.

Stainless Steel hardware – your local hardware store.
18 – 1″x1/4″ carriage bolts.
2 – 3.5″ x 5/16″ axle bolts.
And corresponding nuts and washers.

CureSMA Canada and CureSMA USA


  1. I have a 2 year old daughter who has spina bilfda and i am looking for a toddler wheel chair and i like to know prices on the wheel chairs.

    1. Hi Lissette,
      As I mentioned in my email to you, check out Bella’s Bumbas. This is a charitable organization and they provide toddler chairs similar to what I’ve built here, for the cost of shipping. It is an incredible organization.

      1. WOW !
        THANK YOU Frank for sharing our group Bella’s Bumbas LTD
        May I ask how you hear about us ?
        We would love to chat
        Bella’s Bumbas LTD

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Bella’s Bumbas is an incredible organization and I am proud to be able to share about it whenever I can. When I initially built this for my grandson, I went through a lot of online searching and in doing so discovered Bella’s Bumbas. I will try to contact you through your website.
    Warm Regards,

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