A Look Inside Dai Yoshihara’s Pro Drift Machine


The rest of the undercarriage reeks of detail; the ultra light thinwall stainless 3.5″ exhaust has a big merge area to improve torque and gives the Lexus its unique screaming exhaust note.  The battery is submerged into the floor of the unibody to get its weight low on the driver side and the Fuelsafe fuel cell is flush mounted on the passenger side in the aluminum box.  You can see the aluminum tubes that feed the rear mounted radiator right next to the fuel cell enclosure.
The rear of the car features a 2-way OS Giken rear diff adjusted to maximize forward traction.  4.30, 4.10 and 3.90 final drive ratios are used depending on the course.  The exhaust exits under the car by the rear differential.
The custom JSP stainless headers use merge collectors for a broad powerband and feed into Bassani silencers to meet track sound requirements.  The Hasselgren built LS-6 Chevy small block feeds the power to the rear wheels via a McLeod 9.5″ twin disc clutch and stout 4-Speed G-Force constant mesh dog-shifted transmission with straight cut gears.  The tranny offers nearly infinite gear selection, ultra fast shifting, bulletproofness and low power loss.
Stainless bellows reduce the likelihood of the exhaust cracking.  Twin wideband O2 sensors feed mixture information to the Motec engine management system.
This rear deflector prevents burnt rubber from accumulating under the car–important in a high powered drift machine.  More importantly it helps create a low pressure zone behind the rear mounted radiator to help extract hot air from the trunk area.  The tube poking down at the end of the shield is an easily accessible rear jacking point.
A large Peterson tank feeds the engine’s dry sump system.


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