A Look Inside Dai Yoshihara’s Pro Drift Machine


Dai prepares for his run into the Vegas night.
Our favorite shot of Dai’s car has made it to our cover before.  This shot sums up the Lexus’ awesome power, brute speed, sleek beauty and finesse all rolled into one.  SPD builds one sweet car!
In tandem drift, it’s tough to be in front of Dai and the Lexus!
Dai’s driving style is marked by his snappy, wall grazing, high speed transitions that are spectacular to watch!
The Lexus excels at running at high angles while maintaining good acceleration.
Dai’s back!  Despite the severe accident that destroyed the Lexus in Seattle the Falken Team and SPD labored around the clock to build Dai another competitive car in just 8 days.  Look for that story in MotoIQ in the near future.

Unfortunately, the beautiful IS was totaled in a freak accident in the 5th round of Formula D in Seattle but Scott Dodgion’s suburb chassis performed admirably and Dai walked away from what was probably the most violent wreck in the history of pro drifting. Team Falken and SPD rallied and built a Chevy LS-2 powered S13 in a record 8 days which managed to qualify for the top 16 at the 6th Formula D round in Sonoma. The team is continuing to refine the car and it should be highly competitive for the final FD round in Irwindale on October 16-17.

Hope to see you there!


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